From Broke to Millions

A Preview of What You're Going to Learn...
Chapter 5 - Why I am Still Buying Apartments (The Millennial Market)
Chapter 10 - How to Find Good Apartment Deals for FREE
Chapter 12 - How to Find The Good in Deals
Chapter 15 - How to Acquire Apartment Buildings with Little to No Money Down
Chapter 16 - How to Meet Private Investors Even if All Your Friends & Relatives Are Broke
Chapters 22, 23 & 24 are Case Studies: How We Made Over $1M On Three Separate Apartment Buildings
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Why Invest in Apartments?

  • Massive Cashflow: Imagine having 100 people paying you rent and you're pocketing $150/month per tenant...This is why I make MORE money in 1 month than the average American household makes in 1 year
  • Massive Profit: You can easily make over $1M when you sell an apartment you can buy bigger apartment buildings with bigger cashflow and bigger profit
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