This is The True Story of How I Rebuilt My Real Estate Empire Starting From $0 & Bad Credit…
(all the way to QUARTER of a BILLION Dollars w/ No Money Down!)
My name is Mike Ealy. I’ve been investing since 1999. However, in 2002-2003, I lost it all. I lost all my properties to foreclosure. My car got repossessed and I even became homeless.

From the depths of despair, I somehow figured it out and today, I own 1500 apartment units, 40 houses and 4 hotels.

I documented how I did it in my book and I shared my techniques and strategies how…

  I acquired over quarter of a BILLION worth of rental properties
     with NO MONEY DOWN

  I acquired apartments without using my credit

  I was able to raise private capital to fund my real estate deals 
     (even though all my friends and family members are broke!)

  And many more!

Here’s A Preview of What You're Going to Learn...

   Chapter 5 - Why I am Still Buying Apartments 

In this chapter, you will learn why RIGHT NOW is the best time to buy apartments. There is a MASSIVE SHIFT in economy, demographics and psychographics that I revealed in this chapter…and that massive shift is what smart investors use to make money in apartments right now.

   Chapter 10 - How to Find Good Apartment Deals for FREE 

One of the techniques I revealed here is what I use to find apartment deals before they even get listed…so I get to be the first to check it out and make an offer on it!

   Chapter 12 - How to Find The Good in Deals

To be honest, I was hesitant in writing this chapter because what I shared here is what I use to find investing opportunities that even experienced apartment investors miss!

   Chapter 15 - How to Acquire Apartment Buildings with Little to No Money Down

In this chapter, I revealed an example of how one can acquire a $4M apartment building with only $36,000 down payment and then you can get a passive investor to put up that money so you acquire it for NO MONEY DOWN. This is exactly what I do in my apartment deals!

   Chapter 16 - How to Meet Private Investors Even if All Your Friends & Relatives Are Broke

Some people think that before they can raise money, they need to have wealthy connections. In this chapter, I will show my “Investor-Finding Script”. It’s a way to get people to gladly refer you to people with money. We recently asked 70 people who attended a special 2-day workshop to implement this technique and they were able to raise $14 MILLION in just 30 minutes! Imagine what this technique will do for you if you implement this technique for 1 whole year!

   Chapter 22, 23 & 24 are Case Studies: How We Made Over $1M On Three Separate Apartment Buildings

That’s $1M or more in NET PROFIT per deal and me and my partner Nate discuss ALL the details - even the problems and challenges we encountered along the way to making seven figures per deal.

If you get my book using the link below, you even get these BONUSES (worth $207):

  • Customized Investing Strategy Development with One of our Apartment Investing Consultants so you will finally KNOW how YOU can buy an apartment building regardless of your financial situation; (Value: $99)
  • A 1-hour training and recording of one of my live podcasts on how to scale up from 1 to          400 apartment units in 12 months or less; (Value: $59) and
  • Access to an app where you can search FORECLOSURES in your area or any city in the            United States…and it’s FREE for the next 7 days and if you like it and sign up, you get a            20% DISCOUNT on the regular price! (Value: $49)
  • ​Access to a private Facebook group where I found my top 2 passive investors who                    invested over $10 Million with me. This FB group now has over 33,000 apartment                      investors you can learn from and network with. (Value: Priceless!)
  • ​And while you wait for the physical copy of the book, we’ll send you the DIGITAL COPY          so you can read it NOW while waiting.

Here’s What Other People Say About the Book:

Jonathan Hardy

I really think this is an essential read for real estate investors at any experience level. Thanks Mike for writing this. The value in this book far outweighs the price paid.

Craig Hoover

My new mentor Mike Ealy has published his book about how to make money in commercial real estate. It’s an amazing story I hope to follow!

Juanita Young

Thank you Mike Ealy because most folks don't share knowledge....Yes I purchased 2 books and a download, now I can't wait for 2021!

Gary Brown Jr (@myambitionrare)

I'm on Chapter 13 right now and I would like to say 'Thank you' for the knowledge you are sharing. I can't wait to finish and implement it.

Donna Paul

Talk about getting the real facts - Thanks for writing this Mike Ealy- I’ve gotten so much golden nuggets from it already, I just can’t put it down

Ki Lee

Best $19 I’ve spent. Even though I already got started on my journey, this book reminds me of the critical fundamentals...For those of you who haven’t read it yet, I’d highly recommend it.

Jose Arcas (@hollywoodkillz)

Mike, I'm only by Chapter 2 and your book is power. I feel like I'm walking your steps and I will rise like a Giant!

Kristopher Harris (@hk31_)

Thanks to Chapter 25, I am ready to enter 2021 with a bang!

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